by Try Hard Charlie

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released September 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Try Hard Charlie Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Try Hard Charlie was born in the mountains of Williamsport, PA but has grown and seen changes throughout it's life.

With a whole new line-up and a new album, we're here to drink your whiskey and sleep on your couch for a few nights.
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Track Name: King Maple
He awoke under an open sky
Lying on his back, his body shaded by suit and hat now torn and faded,
He wondered how long he’s slept under a tree,
bearing unknown faces staring blankly,

“These are the people I’ve known, this is a world in between,
These are the people I’ve hurt, this is a place of remorse”

“What have I done to exist in limbo? I’ve lived as a good man”

Taken back by the sound of a cracking limb,
Things fade out, a solar flare, as he breathes cold air,
Track Name: A Post-Bliss Apocalypse
It started on the inside stirring silently in their homes,
A family torn apart while friends became enemies,
a broken neighborhood cluttered with thoughts of psychedelics,

He watched from a distance as a scheme of payback missed,
as the roaches all suit up,

The innocents pack up their lives moving west in sight of safety,
moving west in sight of life,

Their father’s carried food and water,
Their mother’s carried broken picture frames,
Their feet still sore from running, he exclaimed:
“I’ve never had a place called home!”
Track Name: Industry of Steam
Just the story of a miscommunication
all these people had it wrong the way they fought amongst themselves
No one knew if it ever really happened
maybe no one could hear it while screaming at their neighbors
Just the story of the city crying wolf
The only thing that chased them was the thought of something stronger,
someone who could see in that mirror, the only person who set them off
Just the feeling of greed appetite for comfort, just a story of them fucking up
Their Kings have failed to save them from living their own lives

(They found guns buried beneath a distant shrine of god
Under their quiet homes town of ammunition
The bottom of the deepest lake housed dreams of more)

A higher purpose, a slight shift to the left, a world of sloth in crime
A piece of mind, a piece of mine

“So what’s left in this world after the fall?
A shell of beauty, still rotting from the core,
but they killed their mother, so what’s left of her?
They fed those fires, but never felt the burn”
Track Name: What I Buried in the Mountains
Sometimes. Somehow.

I felt so wrong in my own bed and the clothes I wore last night
I found myself shaking through my teeth

You could see it in my hands and the things that I carried
There’s glass on the sidewalk from the people that I’ve met
and the ties that I have cut in my life

I felt so wrong.
Track Name: Lola
Somehow I keep myself from walking up,
don’t mind the fact that I’m alone tonight but she’s at home with him now
What? No matter, I try hard to show you how I’m better now
-An honest man that sleeps on honest nails
and dreams of deeper means of breathing

Don’t hold out just hear me
What? No matter, I try hard to show you how I’m still here
Stable hands to fit those old gloves that you made me
keeping me warm through winter while we were sleeping with our clothes off
What? No matter, I try hard to show you who I was then

-Eighty miles west from the top floor of his house

What? No matter, I try harder
Speaking to these strangers feels so close to habit
What? No matter, I try harde r to get this off my chest
I feel I’m running out of space to keep this knot inside my throat
and keep it feeling the same way

I’ll keep this to myself, you’ve brought me back to my front door
I’ll keep this to myself, I burned a man once for all he had
I wear a mask of my pride, I killed a man once for beating me
Track Name: Swear On It
Taken away from their homes
As I was taken back by the things you’ve said
Living under a constant state of greed while the living cling
to those they’ve lost
How it seems at the end of the day
just never meets up with the way you lived your life

Kneeling and bowing your head to your knees,
giving myself to this tangled mess of irony
I swear that I saw it that day you came back,
that day when you came back from lucid dreams

But he told me how he swore at the clouds
and they turned their back from the scene you spoke of
I told you how I swore at the sun but I turned my back because I am him

You shouldve seen the marks on his back
That look on your face then just brought me back to here
Limit the bar that you set for your self but don’t look down,
don’t look back, then no one sees you crack

But he told me how he swore they wore crowns
and they burned away the clothes on his back
I told her how its always been about her
but I closed my eyes and told you how he spoke

“I told you, I told you, I told you to swear on it”